Other Services

Trenching & Concrete Excavation

In addition to earthwork and soil modification, Schuepfer, Inc. also handles trenching and concrete excavation. Trenching for standard, bank poured foundations as well as excavating and backfilling for large, formed foundations and footings are services that we have a dedicated team for. We can also trench for underground electric.

Fan Drying

Ask about our fan drying services. We provide large fan trailer sets to dry and ventilate inside building pads prior to concrete pours.

A fan trailer set includes two trailers. One trailer with a generator and 2 industrial fans is attached to the second trailer with 3 industrial fans (5 total fans). Multiple sets can be used simultaneously depending on your building size and drying needs.

Rental options include daily to monthly rates. Fan drying can run 24/7, day and night, and through the weekends.

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