Soil Modification

Schuepfer, Inc. is a lime and portland modification contractor. We address wet and unsuitable soil conditions. Stay ahead of weather and schedule delays by drying and strengthening your project’s soil.

Whether you are bidding a project with known soils issues, or need to address unsuitable conditions during construction, we can meet your needs.

We Perform Our Own Soil Modification

We are one of the few earthwork contractors in the regional area that also performs our own soil modification. Combining both resources allows us to push project schedules, and control all of the earthwork and soil modification under one team.

Decades of Experience

We offer soil modification on projects where we aren’t the designated earthwork contractor as well. With decades of experience, we can dry and strengthen subgrade on pads and parking lots, and even inside enclosed buildings.

Get Started

Contact us today to get started on your next soil modification project. We look forward to working with you.